Dairy Extraordinary

Client: Dairy Extraordinary

Title: Food truck design

Beau and his team were looking for a new look to give their customers something to check out while they queue outside their Raclette food-truck. Working partially to exisiting graphics I wanted to bring an extra ‘cheesy look’ to the design, creating new typography and characters to make it very clear what was going on over here!

My idea was to illustrate a food fight between some ingredient-based characters, so we have burgers, chips and potatoes slinging cheese at one another. To accompany this we have the cheesy typography, hand drawn and developed for this project.

The feedback from Beau and his team has been amazing, ” It looks great and has boosted our sales significantly”

Project Specifics:

  • Graphic design, cartoon illustration, typography
  • 2 week production
  • Software: Illustrator, Photoshop

A Sixty year maze

Client: N/A

Title: A Sixty year maze – Cartoon

This illustration began in 2014 after an unscheduled stop in Bundaberg, North Queensland. We spent this day in the botanical gardens before entering the Japanese garden. The miniature landscapes they have on display there are amazing, the zen experience and the imagery became the starting point for this illustration. Two years on and the world around it has just been completed and the characters have all grown outwards from that moment. The finished piece was to be a gift for my Dad, Brian Baker, a gesture to commemorate him turning 60 in November of 2015. Dad passed away in September 2015. At the time I had the uncompleted piece printed for the rest of the family to see, in June 2016 I finally finished the illustration, a tribute to my Dad.

This piece has been accepted into the ‘Imaginary Worlds‘ exhibition at the Oriel Davies gallery and will be on display between October 2016 till February 2017 .



Project Specifics:

  • Entry piece for the ‘Imaginary worlds’ exhibition at the  Oriel Davies gallery
  • Cartoon/Illustration
  • Started: Nov 2014 – Finished: June 2016
  • Software: Pencil, Photoshop, Illustrator


Blog: Retro illustration & wedding cartoons

Wednesday December 2nd 2015 // Retro illustration and Wedding folk

Cut some jib, flipped some knee grabs and continued working on some projects. Here’s a close-up from some comic art we’ve been working on. The client is a fan of the vintage DC comic books so through some halftones and some additional filters I have created some pop art stylised illustrations.

retro illustration desk job

Along with the above I have had the pleasure to come aboard a very special project with some soon to be newly weds. We have written a short story on ‘how we met’ and will be adding lots of funny moments to celebrate their relationship. Here is the couple in cartoon form.

character design illustration

Blog: Strata living stories proposal

Monday March 23rd 2015 // Cartoon illustrator Melbourne

Today I begin a very exciting project. The purpose of our partnership is to illustrate a book of unlikely and funny stories that the company have endured over the previous 20 years. As ludicrous as some of these stories appear they are all true and make for fantastic comedy cartoons.

Most of this will be kept secret in the coming months however here is a sample of the pre planning.

Concept Layout Cartoon

Blog: I’m just sayin’

Sunday March 22nd 2015 // Character design animation

Over the previous 2 weeks I have been working closely with Tara Phillips producing an Animated ident for her Youtube Channel. We went through the revision stages to come up with a sassy character she was happy with and then began animating her her intro, lip syncing the character to her opening title jingle “I’m just sayin'”. Check Tara’s intro and channel out on YouTube here.

Character Design

Blog: The Challenge

Monday January 13th 2015 // The Challenge – Melbourne Animator

We are no longer living in a van, we are living in lovely Melbourne. Trams coffee and smashed avocado. We are also living with a chocolatier, her house smells incredible, but she has a bit of a temper.. I don’t think we will stay here for too long. Christmas is coming up and my sister is coming to visit.

Well Craig and Ryan got back in touch and they wanted some more promo work doing for their start up. Here it is.

Ident for online content and marketing for “The Challenge”

Wednesday 24th December 2014 //

Final cut for “The Challenge” animated promo, ready in time for Christmas. Including supporting concept artwork for backgrounds, run cycles & character design.

The animation also contains the motion graphic Ident which was developed for all promotional video to be used online.

The Challenge from will baker on Vimeo.

Character Run CycleCharacter Design


Monday 8th December 2014//

Pre production for animation short “The Challenge” has begun & I am underway with character development. The short is about a average joe who wants to be more, over breakfast he see’s an opportunity to change & with a cleverly cut montage he does just that.

Expected completion – December 22nd

Character DesignStoryboard - The Challenge

Blog: The Footy outing

Sunday 29th June 2014 // Animation in Melbourne:

We have moved to Melbourne, while we enjoyed a cozy 2 week stay in a Brunswick Air B&B we went and check out some Aussie Footy. I thought it would be useful to record some of the stadium ambience and so.. we are now living with Nick and Fiona on their farm in Colac, I have little creative output as I feed the pigs and chase chickens so I thought I would use the collected sound effects and see what I come up with. Here are the early sketch drawings for the project, a working title short animation.


Animation in Melbourne

Screen shot of project workspace

Rendered Scene //

Dirty Filthy Archie – Children’s book

Client: Doug Bray

Title: Dirty Filthy Archie

Dirty Filthy Archie is a children’s book about a filthy boy and his best friend Barry, a squeaky clean bath tub who wants Archie to change. Created by Doug Bray.

I first met Doug while working on a farm in rural Victoria, we began making a pilot episode for his script ‘Glass half empty’, several months later Doug called me up and gave me the rundown on his next project, ‘Dirty Filthy Archie’ a children’s book.

The story follows two characters, Archie and his squeaky clean bathtub friend… Barry.

A small print run is expected to be out in Victoria by mid 2016.



Clock yourself App

Client: Megan Lowry

Title: Clock yourself

Myself and Meggen, director at Brisbane based client Next Step Physio, worked together in early 2016 before the launch of her smartphone app ‘Clock Yourself’. 

Clock Yourself is a smart phone app designed by a neurological physiotherapist to train faster reaction-time and psychomotor speed. It guides the user to perform complex motor patterns with the upper and lower body simultaneously. 

Together with Meggen and other mobile developers I worked on the front end design of the mobile app producing a series of character animations. The animations were direct representations of the exercises the users are to follow.

Meggen-Lowry---Characters Meggen-Lowry---Clock-faces

Project Specifics:

  • 2 week contract
  • Character Design/Animation
  • Software used: Toon Boom animate, After Effects


We contracted Will to design and animate a character to perform the complex motor patterns, to demonstrate the technique to the user. This was a tricky assignment because it required the animator to pay attention to the complexities of a very specific and abstract exercise sequence before he could animate it. Will’s communication was prompt and professional, and he checked and re-checked his understanding of the complex movements that we wanted the animated character to perform. We found him to be a most intelligent, insightful and professional person to collaborate with. The final result was exactly what we wanted and we already have plans to utilise Will’s services again. 


The Challenge

Client: The Challenge

Title: logo design, motion graphics and animation short.

I worked closely with Craig and Ryan on their start up, ‘The Challenge’. We approached this project with a clear vision and over a period of creative discussion we developed a logo and animated short to propel The Challenge into its first season of running. The Challenge is a boxing event which encourages people to attend a 10 week fitness programme preparing them for a stadium match up in the ring.The Challenge Logo Shadow-01

Project Specifics:

    • 1 month contract
    • Logo design/Motion graphics/Character design/Animation
    • Software used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Premiere




Background artwork

Client: Varied

Title: Background artwork illustrations

Here are some example art pieces from projects I have been involved in. I use digital methods when designing these art pieces, rendering the final designs through Photoshop which is very useful as when it comes to using these designs in animated projects it gives us the option to prepare them as functioning compositions.

Most of the background designs I have on display here would have been produced in a reasonable time, my process is to provide outline drafts for the purpose of any revisions before finalising the image in colour.


“Will is a talented Illustrator and Animator with compelling story telling abilities who also has a broad range of design and production skills including Web and Print.


Character Design

Client: Varied

Title: Character design illustrations

Character artwork and character development for animation and print. Most designs are based upon a two revision process, using the clients initial brief to create original designs.


“Will was very professional with his work and the way he went about this project. He greatly exceeded expectations in both the quality of his work and with the timeliness in which he completed everything. Great to work with and would definitely recommend to others!

Graphic Design


Examples of Graphic design, typography, logos & illustrations.

// The Sports Heroes Flyers since early 2011 – 2015

Flyer Montage// Poster – French Text book Circa 2001



// Sports Heroes – Children’s certificates


// Sports Heroes – E learning resources

Sports Heroes Map

// Mañana Escher-01

// Monkey King Clothing – “All you need is Love”  T Shirt Design


// Image Magazine – Front cover design for e-magazine



// National Marine Aquarium – “Little Squirts” Poster advertisement

Little Squirts