Upward Spiral – Swinburne University of Technology

Client: Swinburne University of Technology

Title: Upward Spiral

From the Peer Tree series, this animation focuses on flipping those negative days we all sometimes have and turning them around.

The animated series will be featured on the Peer Tree app and will be available for download for both iOS and android platforms, search for Peer Tree on your App Store of choice.

Below are some stills from the animation.

Project Specifics:

  • 2D Animation, Kinetic text, typography
  • 2 week production
  • Software: Toonboom animate, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition

Balanced Relationships – Swinburne University of Technology

Client: Swinburne University of Technology

Title: Balanced relationships

From the Peer Tree series, ‘Balanced Relationships’ is a story of finding a fair and equal balance in our relationships, “it’s important not to take too much, or be left with too little”.

The animated series will be featured on the Peer Tree app and will be available for download for both iOS and android platforms, search for Peer Tree on your App Store of choice.

Below are some stills from the animation.

Project Specifics:

  • 2D Animation, Kinetic text, typography
  • 2 week production
  • Software: Toonboom animate, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition

Blog: I’m just sayin’

Sunday March 22nd 2015 // Character design animation

Over the previous 2 weeks I have been working closely with Tara Phillips producing an Animated ident for her Youtube Channel. We went through the revision stages to come up with a sassy character she was happy with and then began animating her her intro, lip syncing the character to her opening title jingle “I’m just sayin'”. Check Tara’s intro and channel out on YouTube here.

Character Design

Blog: The Challenge

Monday January 13th 2015 // The Challenge – Melbourne Animator

We are no longer living in a van, we are living in lovely Melbourne. Trams coffee and smashed avocado. We are also living with a chocolatier, her house smells incredible, but she has a bit of a temper.. I don’t think we will stay here for too long. Christmas is coming up and my sister is coming to visit.

Well Craig and Ryan got back in touch and they wanted some more promo work doing for their start up. Here it is.

Ident for online content and marketing for “The Challenge”

Wednesday 24th December 2014 //

Final cut for “The Challenge” animated promo, ready in time for Christmas. Including supporting concept artwork for backgrounds, run cycles & character design.

The animation also contains the motion graphic Ident which was developed for all promotional video to be used online.

The Challenge from will baker on Vimeo.

Character Run CycleCharacter Design


Monday 8th December 2014//

Pre production for animation short “The Challenge” has begun & I am underway with character development. The short is about a average joe who wants to be more, over breakfast he see’s an opportunity to change & with a cleverly cut montage he does just that.

Expected completion – December 22nd

Character DesignStoryboard - The Challenge

Blog: The Footy outing

Sunday 29th June 2014 // Animation in Melbourne:

We have moved to Melbourne, while we enjoyed a cozy 2 week stay in a Brunswick Air B&B we went and check out some Aussie Footy. I thought it would be useful to record some of the stadium ambience and so.. we are now living with Nick and Fiona on their farm in Colac, I have little creative output as I feed the pigs and chase chickens so I thought I would use the collected sound effects and see what I come up with. Here are the early sketch drawings for the project, a working title short animation.


Animation in Melbourne

Screen shot of project workspace

Rendered Scene //

Wedding Video – Our Story

Client: Thao Le

Title: Our story

The above video features scenes taken from an animation produced for a young couples wedding day. I have cut and edited the animated scenes from a larger piece which included photo montages and music. The animation tells the story of a young couples life together following them through early childhood memories, how they met and up to the proposal. We present the story in an amusing and original way characterising both of them in 2D form. The animation was presented to their guests on their wedding day.

If you are considering something similar and you would like to find out how this could be done for you please get in touch.

Project Specifics:

  • 2 month contract
  • Storyboarding/Character Design/Animation
  • Software used: Toon Boom animate, After Effects



Clock yourself App

Client: Megan Lowry

Title: Clock yourself

Myself and Meggen, director at Brisbane based client Next Step Physio, worked together in early 2016 before the launch of her smartphone app ‘Clock Yourself’. 

Clock Yourself is a smart phone app designed by a neurological physiotherapist to train faster reaction-time and psychomotor speed. It guides the user to perform complex motor patterns with the upper and lower body simultaneously. 

Together with Meggen and other mobile developers I worked on the front end design of the mobile app producing a series of character animations. The animations were direct representations of the exercises the users are to follow.

Meggen-Lowry---Characters Meggen-Lowry---Clock-faces

Project Specifics:

  • 2 week contract
  • Character Design/Animation
  • Software used: Toon Boom animate, After Effects


We contracted Will to design and animate a character to perform the complex motor patterns, to demonstrate the technique to the user. This was a tricky assignment because it required the animator to pay attention to the complexities of a very specific and abstract exercise sequence before he could animate it. Will’s communication was prompt and professional, and he checked and re-checked his understanding of the complex movements that we wanted the animated character to perform. We found him to be a most intelligent, insightful and professional person to collaborate with. The final result was exactly what we wanted and we already have plans to utilise Will’s services again. 


The Challenge

Client: The Challenge

Title: logo design, motion graphics and animation short.

I worked closely with Craig and Ryan on their start up, ‘The Challenge’. We approached this project with a clear vision and over a period of creative discussion we developed a logo and animated short to propel The Challenge into its first season of running. The Challenge is a boxing event which encourages people to attend a 10 week fitness programme preparing them for a stadium match up in the ring.The Challenge Logo Shadow-01

Project Specifics:

    • 1 month contract
    • Logo design/Motion graphics/Character design/Animation
    • Software used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Premiere




I’m Just Sayin”

Client: Tara Lynn Phillips

Title: I’m Just Sayin’, “With Tara Lynn Phillips!”

An animated intro for Tara Phillips’ YouTube channel. The cartoon is to promote and introduce her online show “I’m Just Sayin’. Tara recorded the sound and her vocals for me to lip sync.

This project took just over two weeks with several stages of character development and two revisions of the animation.

View Tara’s Youtube channel here

Project Specifics:

  • 2 week contract
  • Storyboarding/Character design/Cartoon/Illustration
  • Software used: Pencil, Illustrator, Toon Boom, After Effects


“Will has been a pleasure to work with! He has been patient with my pickiness, able to be in communication with me daily, provided updates, taken all my requests and changes. I looooove my finished product. He is talented and a hard worker!

I would definitely hire Will again and also recommend him to others! I feel so grateful to have found him and I just love my animated theme song for my show!”

Character Design

Sports Heroes

Client: Sports Heroes

Title: A portfolio of illustration and animation

Sports Heroes – From a start up, branding and development, the website launch and our presentation to Ted Baker plc and the Department of Health the rise of the Sports Heroes brand.

The Sports Heroes brand is a sports club for children that use’s six cartoon characters to spearhead a healthy living & active lifestyle initiative for 4 – 11 yr olds. Commissioned by Sports 1st & partnered by The Department of Health we developed a script and storyboard to produce the pilot episode of Sports Heroes. Working on this as an independent animator production took 8 – 10 months

Project Specifics:

  • Full time position
  • Cartoon/Illustration/Animation/Web design/Graphic design/Project management
  • Software used: After Effects, Flash Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Soundbooth, WordPress, Outlook, Excel


Will was employed in a primary role as an animation specialist, and web and graphic designer, although Will was also responsible for managing and coordinating groups of employees into scheduled half term work. Will’s role combined a wide range of responsibilities including, designing and planning worksheets and activities, marketing material and concepts to use for sales to clients, graphic design and web management.

Sports Heroes Branding //

As the company grew and expanded into different markets the branding & marketing had to keep up. Using print and social marketing to promote our latest initiatives I designed a simple range of logos to attach to each department of the Sports Heroes brand.

Logo Set

Sports Heroes website & e-learning //

Following on from the animation it was important to offer the children a platform to tune in to watch the Sports Heroes and so we developed a child friendly website which they could use accompanied by their parents/carers to learn more about the Sports Heroes message. It was also a portal to access fun games, download free posters & sticker packs and order the latest T-Shirt or badge.

After the launch of the website it was important to keep up the page hits and have returning traffic so we introduced our weekly ‘Challenges’. These were a selection of e-learning animations developed for children and designed to offer basic learning through an imaginative and fun tool. Weekly e-learning animations would include a short cartoon which then posed a question at the end that the children must answer. We gave out weekly prizes to children who successfully brought in a correct answer to school.

Web pages and E-learning cartoons taken from the first year of launch.

Website Layout

Presentations //

The clip below was used as part of our pitch put forward to Ray Kelvin, CEO of Ted Baker as an introduction to the work we do with the Sports Heroes brand. We held successful talks with associates from Ted Baker about introducing a children’s line of sporting clothing using the Sports Heroes brand.

Commissioned by the Department of Health – North Somerset , this animation advertise’s the work Sports 1st are doing to promote healthy living through Sports Heroes . The animation accompanied a video sent out to schools in the south west to encourage more extra curricular activities based around sports and health awareness.

Sports Heroes merchandise //

The Sports Heroes brand has been developed into a well recognised image for early years learning in the South West of England. Children were able to receive weekly goodies for demonstrating good behaviour, team work, kindness & learning new skills in sport. Having additional incentives other than the fun that can had at the Sports Heroes club encouraged children to work and play well in their after school clubs and made behaviour management much easier for our coaches to manage.

The brand now offers T-Shirts, wrist bands, badges and certificates and when the school holidays begin we run daily holiday clubs at several locations. Parents can also hire the Sports Heroes to deliver tailor made birthday packages.




Young Stunta

Client: Young Stunta

Title: Motion Graphics for music video “I want it all”

Motion Graphics for American based artist “Young Stunta”. Produced alongside Sonny Digital and Hard Headed Entertainment the Graphics were produced for the music video “I want it all”. Released October 2013.

Project Specifics:

  • 1 month contract
  • Motion Graphics/Animation/Illustration
  • Software used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects