Dairy Extraordinary

Client: Dairy Extraordinary

Title: Food truck design

Beau and his team were looking for a new look to give their customers something to check out while they queue outside their Raclette food-truck. Working partially to exisiting graphics I wanted to bring an extra ‘cheesy look’ to the design, creating new typography and characters to make it very clear what was going on over here!

My idea was to illustrate a food fight between some ingredient-based characters, so we have burgers, chips and potatoes slinging cheese at one another. To accompany this we have the cheesy typography, hand drawn and developed for this project.

The feedback from Beau and his team has been amazing, ” It looks great and has boosted our sales significantly”

Project Specifics:

  • Graphic design, cartoon illustration, typography
  • 2 week production
  • Software: Illustrator, Photoshop

Balanced Relationships – Swinburne University of Technology

Client: Swinburne University of Technology

Title: Balanced relationships

From the Peer Tree series, ‘Balanced Relationships’ is a story of finding a fair and equal balance in our relationships, “it’s important not to take too much, or be left with too little”.

The animated series will be featured on the Peer Tree app and will be available for download for both iOS and android platforms, search for Peer Tree on your App Store of choice.

Below are some stills from the animation.

Project Specifics:

  • 2D Animation, Kinetic text, typography
  • 2 week production
  • Software: Toonboom animate, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition

Blog: Self promotion – Business card designs for business people

Tuesday May 3rd 2016// Business card designs

Today I have brought an electric toothbrush, checked in for an appointment to see the dental hygienist and designed some business cards.

business cards


Credits – <a href=’’>Designed by Freepik</a>

<a href=””>Designed by Freepik</a>

Blog: Cartoons hot off the press

Thursday July 16th 2015 // Cartoons for the strata living fol

Wow… what a couple of weeks that was, I’ve powered through the days and nights to finish all of the stories  for Ace’s Strata Living Stories, a book of the weirdest true stories you’re likely to hear about neighbours, tenants and their pets. The book is set to come out for Christmas where you can see loads more cartoons like the one beneath. Thanks to Daniel, Phil & Steve for working with me in getting these all ready for print. I’m now off for a 3 week holiday.


Monday May 18th 2015 //

Two months on and twenty cartoon sketches complete. It’s been a pleasure to work on this special edition anniversary book, commissioned by Ace body Management.

Cartoon melbourne

Cartoon melbourne

Blog: Strata living stories proposal

Monday March 23rd 2015 // Cartoon illustrator Melbourne

Today I begin a very exciting project. The purpose of our partnership is to illustrate a book of unlikely and funny stories that the company have endured over the previous 20 years. As ludicrous as some of these stories appear they are all true and make for fantastic comedy cartoons.

Most of this will be kept secret in the coming months however here is a sample of the pre planning.

Concept Layout Cartoon

Blog: Character design background art

Wednesday February 25th 2015 // Character design background art Melbourne

Over the last month I have been working with the lovely folk over at EPA finance, Melbourne. We have taken the seven members of staff there and turned them into rigged animated characters, in split views and customisable. The seven characters will be used by EPA to present web seminars and podcasts as well as marketing material to promote a different take on the world of accountants. Along with the seven characters I have also illustrated three background sets for the characters to be animated upon.

Characters Group

Artwork Outside

Artwork Board Room

Artwork Office

Monday February 9th 2015 //

A big thank you for an enjoyable couple of days working with Matthew Hoffman. Together we were able to produce a news anchor character and a set in a very quick turn around.

Matt wanted a character based on a certain Pawney resident and together, after a few reviews we came up with this guy.

Character Model

Concept Characters

Matt Hoffman - Background

Blog: Living in a Van

Saturday 11th October 2014// Bunker gallery of cartoon Melbourne is 868 miles South.

A month on the road has delivered some interesting places & people. Australia’s landscape can change within a car’s drive & the further north we go the more we settle into a life less ordinary.

Passing through Coffs Harbour we made friends with the passionate people at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery & have agreed to enter some work for this years Rotary Awards. We also discussed opening the gallery up to an Animation category.

I believe we are half way up to the tip of Australia, with 2 months before we arrive back in Melbourne there’s lots more opportunities for future stories.

Back Slip

Blog: Bye Bye Farm

Monday 1st September 2014 // Cartoon animator Melbourne

Our 3 month stay with the Chambers family is almost up so as a departing gift I have illustrated one anecdote they shared with us about a disgruntled local pub after hitting the jukebox to play the “Pulp Fiction” cut of Dick Dales, Misirlou.

Background Nick & Fiona

I also found time to render a short animation which was animated around a 45 second sound recording I took while at an AFL game last June.

Blog: Glass half empty

Sunday 27th July 2014 // Flash Animator in Melbourne

We are still on the farm in Colac, the pigs are loud and they are always hungry. The other day I fell over in some mud while carrying a 20kg bag of feed and was mobbed by 20 – 30 pigs. That will be a highlight. I made Nick the farmer a space to fling his ‘manure’, lacking the need for anything creative I have put together a very nice rock and broken wood boarder with a symmetrical border. I also updated my Freelancer profile and received a call from Doug Bray. He is writing a short cartoon, I said I would help and here is a rendered scene from the production of “Glass Half Empty”.

Glass half empty rendered scene

Sunday 20th July 2014 //

Begin pre-production with Doug Bray for his web series “Glass Half Empty”

Character Sketches for the two featured characters, “Sicko” & Davey”

Glass half empty sketch

Background artwork

Client: Varied

Title: Background artwork illustrations

Here are some example art pieces from projects I have been involved in. I use digital methods when designing these art pieces, rendering the final designs through Photoshop which is very useful as when it comes to using these designs in animated projects it gives us the option to prepare them as functioning compositions.

Most of the background designs I have on display here would have been produced in a reasonable time, my process is to provide outline drafts for the purpose of any revisions before finalising the image in colour.


“Will is a talented Illustrator and Animator with compelling story telling abilities who also has a broad range of design and production skills including Web and Print.


Character Design

Client: Varied

Title: Character design illustrations

Character artwork and character development for animation and print. Most designs are based upon a two revision process, using the clients initial brief to create original designs.


“Will was very professional with his work and the way he went about this project. He greatly exceeded expectations in both the quality of his work and with the timeliness in which he completed everything. Great to work with and would definitely recommend to others!