Dairy Extraordinary

Client: Dairy Extraordinary

Title: Food truck design

Beau and his team were looking for a new look to give their customers something to check out while they queue outside their Raclette food-truck. Working partially to exisiting graphics I wanted to bring an extra ‘cheesy look’ to the design, creating new typography and characters to make it very clear what was going on over here!

My idea was to illustrate a food fight between some ingredient-based characters, so we have burgers, chips and potatoes slinging cheese at one another. To accompany this we have the cheesy typography, hand drawn and developed for this project.

The feedback from Beau and his team has been amazing, ” It looks great and has boosted our sales significantly”

Project Specifics:

  • Graphic design, cartoon illustration, typography
  • 2 week production
  • Software: Illustrator, Photoshop