Clock yourself App

Client: Megan Lowry

Title: Clock yourself

Myself and Meggen, director at Brisbane based client Next Step Physio, worked together in early 2016 before the launch of her smartphone app ‘Clock Yourself’. 

Clock Yourself is a smart phone app designed by a neurological physiotherapist to train faster reaction-time and psychomotor speed. It guides the user to perform complex motor patterns with the upper and lower body simultaneously. 

Together with Meggen and other mobile developers I worked on the front end design of the mobile app producing a series of character animations. The animations were direct representations of the exercises the users are to follow.

Meggen-Lowry---Characters Meggen-Lowry---Clock-faces

Project Specifics:

  • 2 week contract
  • Character Design/Animation
  • Software used: Toon Boom animate, After Effects


We contracted Will to design and animate a character to perform the complex motor patterns, to demonstrate the technique to the user. This was a tricky assignment because it required the animator to pay attention to the complexities of a very specific and abstract exercise sequence before he could animate it. Will’s communication was prompt and professional, and he checked and re-checked his understanding of the complex movements that we wanted the animated character to perform. We found him to be a most intelligent, insightful and professional person to collaborate with. The final result was exactly what we wanted and we already have plans to utilise Will’s services again.