Strata Living Stories

Client: Ace body corporate

Title: Strata Living Stories – “An insiders guide to the weirdest, wackiest And downright hilarious things residents do!” 

The book, published in November 2015, is a collection of illustrated stories taken from the world of strata. Myself and the team at Ace Body Corp Melbourne, worked together for several months researching and drafting the funniest stories available. Initially the cartoon illustrations were for a much smaller publication however as the project developed we found we had enough material for a paperback book and we will now be looking to begin a series.

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Project Specifics:

  • 4 month contract
  • Cartoon/illustration
  • Software used: Pencil, Photoshop, Illustrator


“Will is a very talented designer and illustrator that produced high quality work for my company while facing difficult deadlines. I was impressed with the quality of his illustrations and the creativity exemplified in his work.

I will have no hesitation using Will for similar projects in the future and actively endorse his standard of work to others.”

Blog: Cartoons hot off the press

Thursday July 16th 2015 // Cartoons for the strata living fol

Wow… what a couple of weeks that was, I’ve powered through the days and nights to finish all of the stories  for Ace’s Strata Living Stories, a book of the weirdest true stories you’re likely to hear about neighbours, tenants and their pets. The book is set to come out for Christmas where you can see loads more cartoons like the one beneath. Thanks to Daniel, Phil & Steve for working with me in getting these all ready for print. I’m now off for a 3 week holiday.


Monday May 18th 2015 //

Two months on and twenty cartoon sketches complete. It’s been a pleasure to work on this special edition anniversary book, commissioned by Ace body Management.

Cartoon melbourne

Cartoon melbourne

Blog: Speed drawing

Thursday March 14th 2015 // Speed drawing character design

While illustrating the background artwork for ‘Strata Living Stories’ and rendering my character design ‘s I thought I’d screen record my progress. This is what it looked like after being sped up by 900%. Note: Back home in the UK the general election results were coming in!

Blog: Strata living stories proposal

Monday March 23rd 2015 // Cartoon illustrator Melbourne

Today I begin a very exciting project. The purpose of our partnership is to illustrate a book of unlikely and funny stories that the company have endured over the previous 20 years. As ludicrous as some of these stories appear they are all true and make for fantastic comedy cartoons.

Most of this will be kept secret in the coming months however here is a sample of the pre planning.

Concept Layout Cartoon