Zindagi – Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy

Client: Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy Title: Zindagi Animated music video for the track “Zindagi” by Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy.

Relationship animation – Melbourne Well-Being Centre

Client: Melbourne Well-Being centre Title: Relationship’s animation I love working on projects which I can learn from while I

Ideal – Baby on the moon

Client: Ideal Title: Baby on the moon Animated music video for the track “Baby on the moon” by Ideal. Melbourne based hip-hop artist Ideal and myself worked together in producing the above video, the track is dedicated to his son Levi and his mantra “Reach for the sky”. The story within the lyrics tells us that

Upward Spiral – Swinburne University of Technology

Client: Swinburne University of Technology Title: Upward Spiral From the Peer Tree series, this animation focuses on flipping those negative days we all sometimes have and turning them around. The animated series will be featured on the Peer Tree app and will be available for download for both iOS and android platforms, search for Peer Tree

Balanced Relationships – Swinburne University of Technology

Client: Swinburne University of Technology Title: Balanced relationships From the Peer Tree series, ‘Balanced Relationships’ is a story of finding a fair and equal balance in our relationships, “it’s important not to take too much, or be left with too little”. The animated series will be featured on the Peer Tree app and will be available

Anxiety & Depression – Swinburne University of Technology

Client: Swinburne University of Technology Title: Anxiety & Depression From the Peer Tree series, the animation tells a

About Peer Tree – Swinburne University of Technology

Client: Swinburne University of Technology Title: About Peer Tree From the Peer Tree series, our introductory animation explains how

Content writer animation – Hazel Key

Client: Hazel Key Title: Content writer animation Hazel and I worked together producing the animated explainer video you see above, the video was developed to support the launch of her new website which went live late 2016. Together Hazel and I designed a piece that used her identity and character to strike a personal connection with her audience and the colour layout was

Strata Living Shorts

Client: Ace body corporate Title: Strata Living Shorts – An animated take on some of the stories taken from the book “Strata Living Stories!”  After the illustrations for Strata Living Stories were finalised we began promoting and marketing the book. The author, Stephan Raff,  had taken questions on radio and television however we decided we wanted to create

Helpful bacteria – La Trobe University

Client: La Trobe University Title: Helpful Bacteria This 2D animation titled ‘Helpful Bacteria’ was developed in June 2016 to support

Wedding Video – Our Story

Client: Thao Le Title: Our story The above video features scenes taken from an animation produced for a young couples wedding day. I have cut and edited the animated scenes from a larger piece which included photo montages and music. The animation tells the story of a young couples life together following them through early childhood memories, how they met and

Clock yourself App

Client: Megan Lowry Title: Clock yourself Myself and Meggen, director at Brisbane based client Next Step Physio, worked together in early 2016 before the launch of her smartphone app ‘Clock Yourself’.  Clock Yourself is a smart phone app designed by a neurological physiotherapist to train faster reaction-time and psychomotor speed. It guides the user to perform complex

Google Edge

Google Edge

Client: Whisper design studios Title: Google edge animation Google Edge Animation short to support the launch of the Google app “Edge”. This video was produced alongside Whisper Audio Studios and was part of a wider presentation presented to the English Football Association. I was contacted from Simon at Whisper Audio and asked to help their team of designers

EPA Group

Client: EPA Group Title:  Motion graphics, Character design, Animation, Rigging, and Background design for EPA I approached Hani at EPA group over a posted job requesting artwork for an online podcast. What started as purely ‘business’ soon became a close working relationship which has seen us develop exciting new projects outside of the workplace. During the EPA group contract we

The Challenge

Client: The Challenge Title: logo design, motion graphics and animation short. I worked closely with Craig and Ryan on their start up, ‘The Challenge’. We approached this project with a clear vision and over a period of creative discussion we developed a logo and animated short to propel The Challenge into its first season of