Blog: Glass half empty

Sunday 27th July 2014 // Flash Animator in Melbourne

We are still on the farm in Colac, the pigs are loud and they are always hungry. The other day I fell over in some mud while carrying a 20kg bag of feed and was mobbed by 20 – 30 pigs. That will be a highlight. I made Nick the farmer a space to fling his ‘manure’, lacking the need for anything creative I have put together a very nice rock and broken wood boarder with a symmetrical border. I also updated my Freelancer profile and received a call from Doug Bray. He is writing a short cartoon, I said I would help and here is a rendered scene from the production of “Glass Half Empty”.

Glass half empty rendered scene

Sunday 20th July 2014 //

Begin pre-production with Doug Bray for his web series “Glass Half Empty”

Character Sketches for the two featured characters, “Sicko” & Davey”

Glass half empty sketch