Client: None Title: Lockdown In 2020 we were told to stay indoors and I learnt you can spot a

Good old Brunswick

Client: N/A Title: Good Old Brunswick – Print Brunswick, between the West and East and the running vein of

Relationship animation – Melbourne Well-Being Centre

Client: Melbourne Well-Being centre Title: Relationship’s animation I love working on projects which I can learn from while I

Balanced Relationships – Swinburne University of Technology

Client: Swinburne University of Technology Title: Balanced relationships From the Peer Tree series, ‘Balanced Relationships’ is a story of finding a fair and equal balance in our relationships, “it’s important not to take too much, or be left with too little”. The animated series will be featured on the Peer Tree app and will be available

Zindagi – Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy

Client: Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy Title: Zindagi Animated music video for the track “Zindagi” by Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy.

A Sixty year maze

Client: N/A Title: A Sixty year maze – Cartoon This illustration began in 2014 after an unscheduled stop in Bundaberg, North Queensland. We spent this day in the botanical gardens before entering the Japanese garden. The miniature landscapes they have on display there are amazing, the zen experience and the imagery became the starting point for this illustration. Two years on and the

Dairy Extraordinary

Client: Dairy Extraordinary Title: Food truck design Beau and his team were looking for a new look to give their customers something to check out while they queue outside their Raclette food-truck. Working partially to exisiting graphics I wanted to bring an extra ‘cheesy look’ to the design, creating new typography and characters to make it

Ideal – Baby on the moon

Client: Ideal Title: Baby on the moon Animated music video for the track “Baby on the moon” by Ideal. Melbourne based hip-hop artist Ideal and myself worked together in producing the above video, the track is dedicated to his son Levi and his mantra “Reach for the sky”. The story within the lyrics tells us that

Rotary cartoon awards

Client: N/A Title: Not another bloody world cup. This single cell cartoon is about the controversial 2022 Football World Cup which will be hosted in Qatar. FIFA has infamously been in international news over charges relating to corruption, racketeering and bribery surrounding the bidding process nations must go through. Before this story broke human rights campaigners were bringing

Western Health

Client: Western Health Melbourne Title: Survey Cartoon My final project before leaving Melbourne, in fact I was working round

The bird that could not fly – Mafalda Di Donato

Client: Mafalda Di Donato Title: The bird that could not fly The bird that could not fly is a

Helpful bacteria – La Trobe University

Client: La Trobe University Title: Helpful Bacteria This 2D animation titled ‘Helpful Bacteria’ was developed in June 2016 to support