Relationship animation – Melbourne Well-Being Centre

Client: Melbourne Well-Being centre

Title:¬†Relationship’s animation

I love working on projects which I can learn from while I work on them. Hannah and Aaron from the Fitzroy based well-being centre had me over for a cup of tea to meet their cat and talk me through their idea.

As busy people, both working hard at the Melbourne well-being centre, they needed someone to come in and work with them on a animation that would promote their services. In once afternoon we sat down and came up with a strong yet simple storyline that focused on the key points they wanted to cover in the animated short. I suggested we break it up into four 10 second clips that they could then use across Facebook and Instagram, with the full version available at their website.

The animation discusses some of the most common traits in relationships and it suggests methods in addressing them in a positive way.

Learning everyday.

Project Specifics:

  • 2D Animation, typography, motion graphics
  • 3 week production
  • Software: Toonboom animate, Photoshop, After Effects, illustrator