Zindagi – Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy

Client: Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy

Title: Zindagi

Animated music video for the track “Zindagi” by Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy.

During a mini break in Japan I was contacted by Chinmay from DSJL who contacted me ¬†about putting together an animated video for a experimental piece called Zindagi. Chinmay to his amazing credit is clearly a very visual person and to my joy he had already developed a storyboard he wanted us to develop. And so began the exploration of the music and Chinmay’s vision, which has become a piece which represents a journey through life, multi dimensional worlds and time. After several conversations we began developing a concept and it soon became clear that this wasn’t going to be a conventional animation, it was almost certainly going to be a new challenge for myself.

We present Zendagi, from Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy.

Melbournians please check them out.

Project Specifics:

  • 2D Animation, collage, motion graphics
  • 3 week production
  • Software: Toonboom animate, Photoshop, After Effects, illustrator