Wayne Lee Productions

Client: Wayne Lee

Title: Motion animated graphics for the short films of independent film maker, Wayne Lee.

I have been working with Wayne since early 2012, assisting in the production of motions graphics and animations for his short films. Wayne is a Bristol based director and actor who has had films screened at festivals across the UK. I voluntarily offered my services to these projects as I was in search for interesting projects to get involved in while also building up my portfolio. Working with Wayne was a good experience and offered insight into idea development and production.

Project Specifics:

  • 2 animated intros for short film
  • Motion Graphics/Graphic Design/Animation/Illustration
  • Software used: Photoshop, Flash, After Effects


I found Will Bakers Art really good, Will has done some animation for me on a few of my films I’ve made. Very professional, efficient and he clearly understands levels of detail required to enhance visuals on film.

The Department of Health

The Department of Health – Commissioned by the DOH this animation was developed to introduce the work of Sports 1st and their flagship programme, the Sports Heroes, to primary educators across the South West of England.  

The Department of Health are a government funded department that oversees the health and lifestyle infrastructure across the UK. We approached the South Wests regional office with our Sports Heroes programme for funding and their backing, they granted us both and we were able to produce this animation as part of a larger production which included key interviews and demonstrations of the Sports Heroes package.

Project Specifics:

  • 1 month contract
  • Storyboarding/Character design/Animation
  • Software used: Pencil, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects


“Perhaps Will’s most valuable contribution has been his creation of the Sports Heroes animation and cartoon, which brought a children’s fun sports club to life. This is an integral part of the company and has set Sports 1st up for future growth in the industry.