Wednesday October 11th 2017 // “Credit where credits due” – Adam

My last post was in May 2016, between then and now is..well more than a year! In that time I have been getting my head down and working on some pretty cool projects, I’ve had my head down so much that I’m now worried I need to see a spine specialist.

During the middle of 2016 I worked with Hazel Key, a copywriter launching a new website, we put worked on a pretty cool animation together using some new styles and techniques I hadn’t used before. Then I was approached by Steph at Creativa, a studio in South Melbourne, together we produced some character based animations, then there was a biggy of a contract with Swinburne University, which has taken close to 7 months to produce a series of animations that focus on mental health, a real worthy project to be a part of and one that I’m pretty proud of.

Thats a very brief description of the work I’ve been doing, there was also some interesting discussions with the people at Scienceworks and a series of animations for that chocolatey cookie called Oreo, time was against me on these unfortunately and I had to fulfil my obligations elsewhere, however, good experience none the less.

There was also the Swift boys from back home, they are running a start up back where I was living before moving to Melbourne and we’ve worked together producing a lot of their branding and merchandise. Which leads me to offering credit to the stock image artists whom I used some of their assets, thank you to you.

<a href=””>Designed by Freepik</a>

<a href=’’>Designed by Freepik</a>

Tuesday May 3rd 2016//

Today I have brought an electric toothbrush, checked in for an appointment to see the dental hygienist and designed some business cards.


Monday April 11th 2016 //

I haven’t had an opportunity to update my site or this blog since the turn of the new year, since then I have been working on several new projects some of which I am putting the finishing touches to now. Lets see, we had the wedding cartoon for Thao & Linh, the comic book strip for Vlad, Doug and I are waiting on the final text before publishing a children’s book, going live in the coming weeks will be a fitness app I provided some character animations for and right now I am at the beginning of producing several sprite sheets for the Sydney based developer, Codecamp… I think there may have been some flyer design work among these projects as well.. I can never say no to my old friend Nick.

Here are some cuts from the aforementioned.

A page from ‘Dirty Filthy Archie’


Character designs for mobile fitness app


Sports Heroes Flyer design


Wednesday December 9th 2015 //


Wednesday December 2nd 2015 //

Cut some jib, flipped some knee grabs and continued working on some projects. Here’s a close-up from some comic art we’ve been working on. The client is a fan of the vintage DC comic books so through some halftones and some additional filters I have created some pop art stylised illustrations.


Along with the above I have had the pleasure to come aboard a very special project with some soon to be newly weds. We have written a short story on ‘how we met’ and will be adding lots of funny moments to celebrate their relationship. Here is the couple in cartoon form.



Friday August 14th 2015 //

I’ve just got back from a 3 week holiday back in England, while back at home I had the chance to catch up with some old colleagues from Sports Heroes, on returning to Australia I’ve put together the new design for their holiday club flyers.

October Flyer 2015 Proof

Thursday July 16th 2015 //

Wow… what a couple of weeks that was, I’ve powered through the days and nights to finish all of the stories  for Ace’s Strata Living Stories, a book of the weirdest true stories you’re likely to hear about neighbours, tenants and their pets. The book is set to come out for Christmas where you can see loads more cartoons like the one beneath. Thanks to Daniel, Phil & Steve for working with me in getting these all ready for print. I’m now off for a 3 week holiday.


Monday May 18th 2015 //

Two months on and twenty cartoon sketches complete. It’s been a pleasure to work on this special edition anniversary book, commissioned by Ace body Management.

WA - Cell1

Buildings BG

Thursday March 14th 2015 //

While illustrating background artwork and rendering my character designs last week I thought I’d screen record my progress, this is what it looked like after being sped up by 900%.


Tuesday April 7th 2015 //

Working once again with my friends over at EPA from West Melbourne, this time we have produced some marketing material, a banner design and this ident for use with their online seminars.

Monday March 23rd 2015 //

Today I begin a very exciting project. The purpose of our partnership is to illustrate a book of unlikely and funny stories that the company have endured over the previous 20 years. As ludicrous as some of these stories appear they are all true and make for fantastic comedy cartoons.

Most of this will be kept secret in the coming months however here is a sample of the pre planning.

Concept Layout

Sunday March 22nd 2015 //

Over the previous 2 weeks I have been working closely with Tara Phillips producing an Animated ident for her Youtube Channel. We went through the revision stages to come up with a sassy character she was happy with and then began animating her her intro, lip syncing the character to her opening title jingle “I’m just sayin'”. Check Tara’s intro and channel out on YouTube here.

Character Design

Monday March 9th 2015 //

4 Months ago we returned a fully fitted home on wheels after 3 months travelling up the coast of Australia, to the Daintree rainforest and then back down to Melbourne where we know have a more static house.

This is a cut of some of the scenery we saw on the way.

Australia | Melbourne to Daintree and all the way back again. from will baker on Vimeo.


Tuesday March 3rd 2015 //

The new front and rear designs for the Sports Heroes holiday club flyer.

May 2015

Wednesday February 25th 2015 //

Over the last month I have been working with the lovely folk over at EPA finance, Melbourne. We have taken the seven members of staff there and turned them into rigged animated characters, in split views and customisable. The seven characters will be used by EPA to present web seminars and podcasts as well as marketing material to promote a different take on the world of accountants. Along with the seven characters I have also illustrated three background sets for the characters to be animated upon.


Characters Group

Artwork Outside

Artwork Board Room



Artwork Office

Monday February 9th 2015 //

A big thank you for an enjoyable couple of days working with Matthew Hoffman. Together we were able to produce a news anchor character and a set in a very quick turn around.

Matt wanted a character based on a certain Pawney resident and together, after a few reviews we came up with this guy.

Character Model

Concept Characters

Matt Hoffman - Background







Saturday February 7th 2015 //

Promotional Facebook cover artwork for “the Challenge”.

Facebook Header #1 Facebook Header #3

Thursday February 5th 2015 //

I’m going through some old hard drives looking for character sketches and I’ve come across some interesting old designs.


Sunday January 25th 2015 //

I’ve been working on several character designs, all of whom will be appearing in a very large illustration that I have been working on for the past 3 months.

These guys will be there, for now thou I shall place them upon this nice coastal background.

Native American & Tear Boy

Monday January 13th 2015 //

Ident for online content and marketing for “The Challenge”

Wednesday 24th December 2014 //

Final cut for “The Challenge” animated promo, ready in time for Christmas. Including supporting concept artwork for backgrounds, run cycles & character design.

The animation also contains the motion graphic Ident which was developed for all promotional video to be used online.

The Challenge from will baker on Vimeo.


Run Cycle Character Design Rendered



Monday 8th December 2014//

Pre production for animation short “The Challenge” has begun & I am underway with character development. The short is about a average joe who wants to be more, over breakfast he see’s an opportunity to change & with a cleverly cut montage he does just that.

Expected completion – December 22nd

Character Design Sroryboard - The Challenge


Wednesday 12th November 2014//

Splash screen for mobile platform application “dive”


Dive Splash S html5.swf


Wednesday 29th October 2014//

A pleasure working with my old colleagues back in Bristol, drawing up a new logo for their new business venture – “The Challenge”.

Working in a makeshift studio works, an office on the road may give me power issues but its pretty neat having a different view everyday, this piece was created with salt water croc’s & german backpackers meandering outside in North Queensland.

Blog - The Challenge Logo

Saturday 11th October 2014//

A month on the road has delivered some interesting places & people. Australia’s landscape can change within a car’s drive & the further north we go the more we settle into a life less ordinary.

Passing through Coffs Harbour we made friends with the passionate people at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery & have agreed to enter some work for this years Rotary Awards. We also discussed opening the gallery up to an Animation category.

I believe we are half way up to the tip of Australia, with 2 months before we arrive back in Melbourne there’s lots more opportunities for future stories.

Back Slip

Monday 1st September 2014 //

Our 3 month stay with the Chambers family is almost up so as a departing gift I have illustrated one anecdote they shared with us about a disgruntled local pub after hitting the jukebox to play the “Pulp Fiction” cut of Dick Dales, Misirlou.

Background Nick & Fiona

I also found time to render a short animation which was animated around a 45 second sound recording I took while at an AFL game last June.

The Footy Recording from will baker on Vimeo.


Saturday 30th August 2014 //

I’ve been working on a illustration, an idea I’ve had for a short animation but until I have time to put more into it I began drawing a scene.

What the characters are running towards will be symbolic of the short.

I can Smell the Composition-01 copy

Sunday 27th July 2014 //

A rendered scene from the production of “Glass Half Empty”.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 09.00.51

Sunday 20th July 2014 //

Begin pre-production with Doug Bray for his web series “Glass Half Empty”

Character Sketches for the two featured characters, “Sicko” & Davey”



Sunday 29th June 2014 //

Sketch drawings for a personal project, a working title short animation.


Rendered Scene // Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 16.04.57


Thursday 27th February 2014 //

Blog - India

In December 2014 we travelled by train from Delhi to Ranthambhore to view wild tigers, leopards & birds. The Somadi in the heart of India was peaceful and in the small village of Mehrabad we were introduced to Meher Baba. Dusting ourselves of in the Psy-Trance beaches of Goa.



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