A Sixty year maze

This illustration began in 2014 after an unscheduled stop in Bundaberg, North Queensland. We spent this particular afternoon meandering the botanical gardens before entering the Japanese garden. The miniature and trim landscapes they have on display there are amazing, the zen experience and the imagery became the starting point for this illustration. Two years on and the world around it has just been

Rotary cartoon awards

Not another bloody world cup. This single cell cartoon is about the controversial 2022 Football World Cup which will be hosted in Qatar. FIFA has infamously been in international news over charges relating to corruption, racketeering and bribery surrounding the bidding process nations must go through. Before this story broke human rights campaigners were bringing to our attention

Strata Living Shorts

Strata Living Shorts – An animated take on some of the stories taken from the book “Strata Living Stories!”  After the illustrations for Strata Living Stories were finalised we began promoting and marketing the book. The author, Stephan Raff,  had taken questions on radio and television however we decided we wanted to create some supporting material which could

The bird that could not fly – Mafalda Di Donato

The bird that could not fly is a children’s book written by Mafalda Di Donato, the story is about, if you hadn’t picked it up from the title, a bird named Max who struggles with a lack of confidence, and is unable to fly. The origin of this story is an interesting one as the basis was in fact originally

Strata Living Stories

Strata Living Stories – “An insiders guide to the weirdest, wackiest And downright hilarious things residents do!”  The book, published in November 2015, is a collection of illustrated stories taken from the world of strata. Myself and the team at Ace Body Corp Melbourne, worked together for several months researching and drafting the funniest stories available. Initially

Background artwork

Here are some example art pieces from projects I have been involved in. I use digital methods when designing these art pieces, rendering the final designs through Photoshop which is very useful as when it comes to using these designs in animated projects it gives us the option to prepare them as functioning compositions. Most of the background